Buying items at an auction to sell vs. clearing clutter goal

Published April 4, 2014 by marcistone

Today, I went to an auction looking for things to sell. Interestingly enough, during the preview, I found most of the stuff junk. I’ve purchased and sold things before that I didn’t need/want, but I could at least see the need or value to others. But today, it took me awhile to get into the buying mode. Most likely since I haven’t been in it for the last few months.

I found myself watching what others were interested. Some people buy things to sell online, in their store or at a swap meet. I wondered if there were people buying things just for themselves.

I only bought 2 auctions, and normally I buy quite a few. But the more I buy, the more I have to do to get everything listed online. Or perhaps I didn’t want more clutter.

There were several lots that went for $5-10 and normally I’d jump on bidding, but today I thought about how much time it would take to sort through it all. It’s clear to me that my thinking about owning items has changed in the last few months.


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