Clearing clutter room by room

Published May 22, 2014 by marcistone

Love it!

From Oprah’s, Conquer Your Clutter Room By Room:

After you’ve done a surface purge and decided on a vision for each room in your home, the deep cleaning begins. Now it’s time to go through your house room by room and overcome your attachment to items that don’t help you live the life you want.

Use these ground rules when cleaning out any room in your home:
Think it through. In each room, think about what’s particular to that room in terms of the stuff that needs to be in it, the stuff that tends to accumulate in it and how you’re going to approach the task.

Set it up. The setup is the same for every room:
Establish zones for the different activities that take place in the room.
Figure out what doesn’t belong in the room.
Make it happen. This is the action plan that will help you make your vision for the space a reality.
Which room do you want to start with?


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