The fall closet is decluttered and ready to go

Published September 21, 2014 by marcistone


Today, I went through my closet in my bedroom. I took everything out, evaluated it and either put away the summer stuff or put it in a pile to be sold to a consignment store. Ironically (or perhaps sadly is a better word), a few things went into the sell pile that I recently bought and hadn’t worn yet.

There are certain days when I seem to be more emotionally fit to get rid of things. I need to feel good physically and mentally; perhaps it’s just being in a better state of mind. Everywhere I looked today, I seemed to have clothes, shoes, and scarves that I don’t wear. And those things ended up in the sell pile.

There’s a really good upscale consignment store near my house. Over the next month or so, I’ll collect some things and take them there. Today, I noticed that the really classic, well made, and high quality pieces went into my main clothes closet. I didn’t seem to have a good tolerance for the cheap stuff…which tells me something.

My closet now has a lot of space in it. I have a few summer things in there that I’m still wearing, but my fall clothes are ready to go. I’ve put away most of sandals and got out the fall boots. And I’m washing quite a few things before they get put away for the winter.

There’s something refreshing about clearing out one season and replacing it with another. Fall is my favorite season. I love the clothes and the cooler weather. It’s been raining off and on all day here…it seems appropriate.


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