Go through everything in your home at least once a year

Published September 25, 2014 by marcistone

This week, I cleaned out the closet in my home office.  I have a couple of bins of paperwork in there, but the rest of it is used as an overflow closet for my accessories, etc.  Our house was built in 1950 and the closets are really small; or perhaps we just buy and use too much stuff these days.  So I have a small closet in the bedroom that I use daily, and the things in this closet I use occasionally. Again (I am seeing a trend here), I found items I have never used that went into the get rid of pile.  I typically use the same purse for six months or more, but I had over 20 purses in this closet. They were really cute purses, but if you never use them then what are they for?  In my case? Decoration, I guess.

I did fill up a whole box of stuff (mostly pink stuff) for my 5-year-old niece.  I think she’ll love it.

I love how much room and space I have now in these areas that were really crowded a few weeks ago.  I can actually find exactly what I am looking for.

I’d recommend to anyone to go through everything in your house/apartment at least once a year.  It is amazing the things you’ll find and it will keep you from buying something that you already own (I hate it when that happens).

This week, I have also been going through my ebay sales stuff.  Getting rid of the stuff that hasn’t sold and organizing my ebay auctions a little better. It feels good.  I am thinking about going to the auctions tomorrow and getting some new stuff (to sell) for the winter. I don’t spend much money at the auction (anymore), and I am there for a few hours, but I can make $400-500 a month for quite a while on those purchases.  And I won’t get another chance until next year to go on a Friday.


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