Organizing items purchased in bulk

Published September 27, 2014 by marcistone

Yesterday, I went to an auction to buy things to sell online. Typically, I get my purchases and get them home to sort them out and figure out where I will list them.  Sometimes this process takes me a week and other times months go by until I get through it all.

While I was waiting for the guy to tell me which door to pull my car up to…I watched while people loaded their cars with the bins they won.  I noticed that several people had bins set up inside their cars or trucks, and they sorted everything as they took it out of the bin they won.  Smart idea.  It makes sorting much easier if you don’t have to do it when you get home.  It motivated me to begin listing items right away. I only had a few hours, but I listed quite a few things after I got home (which is the way it should be).

I know some people do this for a living and they must have an area or storage unit to organize all of their inventory.  Having an area set up for business items is ideal, and it helps to organize them in the most efficient way. In a sense, I see these items as clutter because they are not meant for me to use.  But if I want to make a sale, I need to buy and store them.  I think it is necessary for me to change the way I think about these items; it is a necessity.

Perhaps organizing them more efficiently or esthetically is the key for me. It has always been important to me for things to look good.  And right now, this area really doesn’t look good and it isn’t organized well.  It is a little difficult to find things easily.  This may be a project for the future, but having large plastic bins instead of boxes that break easily should be on the list for better organization.


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