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Is it clutter if you can’t see it on a daily basis?

Published September 11, 2014 by marcistone

The other day, I cleaned out my dresser. I went through drawer by drawer (even though I didn’t think I needed to) and reviewed each piece of clothing or jewelry. It’s amazing the stuff I keep.  Things I haven’t worn (maybe ever) and some things I forgot I had.

Last night, I went up to Snowbird (ski resort) and the weather report said that it would get into the low 40s. Luckily, as I dressed for the night, I remembered a scarf I had in my newly organized scarf drawer. I grabbed it, used it and loved it.

I think I need to get into the habit of going through the items I own on a regular basis.  Otherwise, I (apparently) won’t use it.  Out of sight, out of mind.  I also came to the realization that I have too many socks.  I am not sure how I ever collected so many.  The dresser drawer was stuffed full of them.  I put quite a few pair in the pile to be donated, and noticed that most of them still had tags on them.  I’d love to be able to add up all of them money I’ve spent on things I’ve never worn…well maybe, I really don’t want to know that total. 🙂

I’ve started a pile of stuff to be donated, and other pile for my niece who loves pink.  It’ll be fun to send her a box of stuff I won’t use anymore.  The large jewelry box is now my focus. I know I have a few items in there that need to be repaired.  I typically never think about it until I want to wear one of them and of course, then I don’t have the time.


Organizing jewelry and getting rid of the clutter/excess

Published September 9, 2014 by marcistone

It amazes me how much jewelry I own. I have it in different areas, and can’t even see all of it. I own a large jewelry box that hangs on the back of my closet door, and includes a mirror. My goal this week is to get it all in that box. If I can’t fit it in there, then I don’t need it. Once a year or so, I go through and get rid of jewelry I haven’t worn; usually I send items to my niece. She’s happy to get them, and I have room for more. This year, I’d rather just get it all organized so I can use what I have.

Decluttering the bedroom is the agenda for September

Published September 5, 2014 by marcistone


This month, I have my bedroom on the schedule for decluttering. I spend more time in this room than anywhere else. I’ll go through the dresser, night stand, closet, jewelry, and the under the bed and organize them. I don’t think there is a lot to do because I can’t see the clutter, but I might be surprised.

I want to easily find and see everything I can to use it. I sometimes forget I have something and don’t wear it; work in this room should eliminate that. I only want to be surrounded by what I love and use.

This year, I bought a queen size bed and got rid the of the king size bed. We have a lot more room now, and we were able to move a chair into the room.

“Sell your crap, get out of debt and do what you love”

Published September 1, 2014 by marcistone

This is a very interesting Ted Talks video about getting rid of clutter, why we collect it and how it impacts our life. Essentially, it’s about how we (individually) view freedom. This video uses this quote from Nigel Marsh (he wrote a book called, “Fat, Forty and Fired”):

“There are thousands and thousands of people out there leading lives of quiet, screaming desperation, where they work long, hard hours at jobs they hate to enable them to buy things they don’t need to impress people they don’t like.”

If nothing else, this 20-minute video is thought provoking about how we want to live our life.