Replacing the clutter

Published December 31, 2014 by marcistone

Last spring, I spent some time cleaning out the kitchen cupboards and under the sink we had countless bottles of window cleaner and multi-purpose cleaner. I actually had to get rid of some bottles to make room under the sink for what we actually needed.  Flash forward to today…and again, we have no room under the kitchen sink.  I started to pull the bottles out and again found numerous bottles of the same things.  When I looked at the brands, I realized that Wayne bought all of them over the last nine months and I didn’t buy any.  Some are completely full, but had been pushed to the back.  When he shops at the grocery store, he walks down isle by isle to see what he thinks he needs.  I assume he thinks we are constantly out of window and multi-purpose cleaner.  There must be at least $30 worth of product that I don’t use to clean the house and I am the one who cleans the house.

It amazes me how other people can affect our clutter without realizing it, and if left unchecked it can get out of control.  The last time, I got rid of most of those bottles, but this time he will.  Hopefully, this will help him to realize what we need and don’t need.


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