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A New Blog

Published December 31, 2014 by marcistone

As this year comes to a close and I have thought back over the last year and this project/blog, I thought I’d take a few minutes to tell you about my new blog for 2015.  It is called Try Something New Every Day in 2015 and it is about just that. Opening my mind to trying and learning about new things.

If you are interested in reading about it…here’s the link.


Happy New Year


Replacing the clutter

Published December 31, 2014 by marcistone

Last spring, I spent some time cleaning out the kitchen cupboards and under the sink we had countless bottles of window cleaner and multi-purpose cleaner. I actually had to get rid of some bottles to make room under the sink for what we actually needed.  Flash forward to today…and again, we have no room under the kitchen sink.  I started to pull the bottles out and again found numerous bottles of the same things.  When I looked at the brands, I realized that Wayne bought all of them over the last nine months and I didn’t buy any.  Some are completely full, but had been pushed to the back.  When he shops at the grocery store, he walks down isle by isle to see what he thinks he needs.  I assume he thinks we are constantly out of window and multi-purpose cleaner.  There must be at least $30 worth of product that I don’t use to clean the house and I am the one who cleans the house.

It amazes me how other people can affect our clutter without realizing it, and if left unchecked it can get out of control.  The last time, I got rid of most of those bottles, but this time he will.  Hopefully, this will help him to realize what we need and don’t need.

Enjoying the Little Things

Published August 17, 2014 by marcistone

photoI love enjoying the little things in life, and recently I’ve appreciated them even more.  A friend sent me a new journal for my birthday and the front of it reads: “Enjoy the Little Things” and I have been writing in it when I feel myself appreciate the little things in life. I think it has helped me to really focus on those moments, rather than let them pass by quickly. 

I’ve noticed and focused on my beautiful surroundings with mountains and blue skies or incredible thunderstorms, the smells when I take a shower, or a conversation that excites my brain. This also seems to allow me to focus on what is important to me, which of course allows me to realize what isn’t important and get rid of that clutter (whether it is mental, virtual or real clutter).  

5 Ways to Make Summer Last

Published August 17, 2014 by marcistone

I love this…so simple and yet, fun. Thanks Liz.

Witty 'N' Pretty

keep_calmI can’t believe summer is almost over. It seems like yesterday it just started. All the stores are bringing in their back to school supplies and fall decorations while I sit outside trying to soak in the very last bits of summer sun. Here are 5 things you can do to make summer last just a little bit longer:

1. Soak in the rays- Even if you live in the middle of Kansas take out a towel or beach chair and sit in your backyard or by a lake if you’re lucky enough to have one and just tan. Turn up your music and live like summer lasts forever.

2. Make a fruity drink- I love to make smoothies in the morning. Use a handful of frozen strawberry_smoothiestrawberries and a banana to combine with about a cup and a half of milk. You can add a little sugar…

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Want to unclutter your mind? Watch less TV

Published June 6, 2014 by marcistone

Ok, so I like TV as much as everyone else, but the fact is I am filling my mind with clutter when I watch it (I am not referring to just the commercials). It has the opposite effect of what I am actually trying to achieve right now. Most people think watching TV relaxes them, but all of the noise actually creates the opposite affect.  Having a conversation with a friend, listening to music, going to dinner or reading tends to calm my mind and allow me to focus on that person or task. Typically, when I watch TV I also do other things at the same time and I end up distracted. If I am cleaning the house and have the TV on…it’ll take me longer to complete what I need to do. 

I have heard numerous stories over the years from students who have gotten rid of the TVs in their homes and I cannot argue with the results they have seen.  One student said that he took his kids over the house of a family that didn’t have a TV and he watched his children play with theirs. He said he was deeply disturbed by what he saw, and that he realized how much smarter their kids were. He said he was actually embarrassed by it. 

Another student decided to get rid of his TV altogether. He is, what other instructors (and I agree) have called “freakishly smart.” This is what tends to happen when there is no TV in the house. We will find things to fill our time and it may make us smarter. 

I would love to get rid of our TVs and immediately after I say that I think of all of the reasons why I can’t.  I think I will start with trying to watch less TV for awhile and see how that goes.  Ironically, I turned off the TV while watching this because it became more difficult to concentrate.

Recycling hardwood floors

Published May 3, 2014 by marcistone

Today, we are having half of the hardwood floors in the house resurfaced (the other half will be done in 2 weeks). As it turns out, these are the original floors from the 1950s. They have some rough spots that will need to be filled. But the last owner of the house had carpet put in over the floors and they are in pretty good shape for being over 60 years old. I’m glad that we decided to check these floors before we just replaced them. I like the fact that we are recycling in a sense. 

Cleaning out everything before we moved it has been a good time for me to slowly go through things and get rid of those items we don’t use. Knowing that the living and dining room areas will be clutter free makes me feel good.