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Making Christmas decorations with recycled products

Published November 11, 2014 by marcistone


Since I’ve gotten rid of a lot of Christmas decorations; I’ve decided to make some new ones for this year. A friend gave me some cool looking branches that I painted white, put into a vase (covered with red Christmas paper) and added some small Christmas bulbs. It’s just a centerpiece on the dining room table for the next few months, and I know it’s temporary, but I love it. I love the idea of having different decorations each year, and using materials I already have.


Recycling hardwood floors

Published May 3, 2014 by marcistone

Today, we are having half of the hardwood floors in the house resurfaced (the other half will be done in 2 weeks). As it turns out, these are the original floors from the 1950s. They have some rough spots that will need to be filled. But the last owner of the house had carpet put in over the floors and they are in pretty good shape for being over 60 years old. I’m glad that we decided to check these floors before we just replaced them. I like the fact that we are recycling in a sense. 

Cleaning out everything before we moved it has been a good time for me to slowly go through things and get rid of those items we don’t use. Knowing that the living and dining room areas will be clutter free makes me feel good. 

Recycling hardwood floors can be better than new

Published April 17, 2014 by marcistone

Wayne and I were planning on putting in hardwood floors upstairs in our home. As it turns out we have 2 sets of hardwood floors below our carpet. The top layer is in pretty good condition, but the previous owner had the hardwood screwed in so the floor wouldn’t squeak beneath the carpet. The floor refinishing company said they could fill all of the holes the screws created and it would just cost a little more.

I love the thought of just using what we already have. It’s less than half the cost, it will look better, and it’ll add value to our home. Sometimes new isn’t better.